Welcome to W410

Water is a key component to our lives and environment – it fuels our weather, it grows our food, it is home to an amazing variety life, and it is essential for human existence on this planet.  Yet the issues surrounding water and its uses are complex and are becoming more challenging as the world faces serious issues in terms of the availability and usability of our freshwater supply.

In this course, we will examine different hot topics related to water, especially in terms of water use and conservation.  Some of the emerging issues we will explore include the data and numbers behind the Flint water crisis, the challenges with drought and water scarcity in developed countries, and the increasing demand for “virtual water.”  Our ultimate goal will be to explore the science and data behind these issues.

This course fulfills both the QR/2 and the ULWR.  

Through this course, students will:

  • Learn to write in different genres, targeted to diverse audiences
  • Develop the ability to think critically about the strengths and limitations of quantitative information;
  • Evaluate numerical information displayed in graphs, tables, diagrams;
  • Create logical arguments supported by quantitative evidence.